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Too many times we hear, “Where do I find a therapist?” “How do I find a black or latinx therapist?” To help answer that question and to fill the mental health gap that exists in Delaware,  the Black Brown Delaware Therapists (BBDT) Directory was founded by Crysta Harris, LPCMH.  Crysta Harris is a licensed mental health therapist in the state of Delaware.  She created a platform that displays highly skilled, culturally competent black and brown mental health professionals in Delaware.

Each provider that signs up, all of their credentials will be verified to ensure they are in good standing with the state of Delaware. 

Use the search bar to locate specific provider(s) you are interested in (i.e therapist, psychiatrist). Read providers’ profiles to see if they are a fit for your presenting challenges, if they accept your insurance or if they are private pay and if they are accepting new clients. For further information on how to secure a therapist register to receive more information: What’s The 411?
Finding a therapist that is a “good fit” takes time and patience and you may not find the perfect therapist right away. In order to know if the therapist is a “good fit” interview the therapist by asking several questions during a the consultation call:
Clients will be able to search for providers by city name or zip code in the search bar.

5 Questions to ask your therapist
to make sure it's the right fit!

Do you accept __________ insurance? Do you have a sliding scale? How much do you charge per session?

How long have you been practicing?

What license(s) and certifications do you have?

What is your area of expertise? Have you had patients with challenges similar to mine?

How do you structure your sessions? Do you give homework. etc?